Konsep Keluarga dalam Perspektif Al-Qur’an

  • Umar Faruq Thohir Dosen Tetap Fakultas Syariah INZAH Genggong Kraksaan


"My house is my Palace." A most appropriate expression of the ideal family building. It is not as easy as turning the hands of the world, because it must be based on the solid foundation of faith, the completeness of the building with Islam, and the filling of the living space with ihsân, without reducing the desire to the demands of the necessities of life as humans can not be separated from the world , both material and non-material. The house is not only understood physically, but more nuanced functional value in shaping the personality of the human child to achieve the maturity and perfection of life, that is household life based on the fulfillment of religious, economic, biological, spiritual, educational, protection, security and social cultures that are interwoven in an integrated and harmonious. As the first and main social institutions, the family has the most strategic meaning in filling and equipping the values of life needed by the sons and daughters who are looking for the meaning of life. The family is the starting point of departure once as the initial capital of their life journey which is then equipped with a symbol- travel signs outlined by other social institutions in everyday social environment.

Keywords: family and Quran

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