Konservasi Alam dalam Perspektif Etika Islam; Tantangan dan Tuntutan Globalisasi

  • Abd. Aziz Dosen Tetap Institut Ilmu keislaman Zainul Hasan Genggong Kraksaan Probolinggo


As a part of environment, people should keep the perpetuation, the balance, and the beauty of nature. A smart use of limited natural resources must be a slogan in daily life.This environment is not provided only for human, but also for other creatures. Factually, many people damage universe by illegal logging, free mining, uncontrolled drilling, of course, without any analysis of its damage impact to the environment. After discussing these problems through an approachment of environment ethics; Anthroposentrism, Biocentrism, Ecocentrism, Eco-feminism, this articel found that the cause of the damage of this universe is a transcendental paradigm factor assumed that conservation was not emphasized by Islam. Through these conservational paradigm; ecology, environment fiqh, and eco-sufism, in term of universe utilization, people should balanced three amanah aspects; al-intifâ’, al-i’tibâr, dan al-ishlâh.These three environment ethics not just investigated the way of people behavior to universe, but also the relation among creatures in this universe, between people and people, people and all other creatures.

Keywords: conservation, ecology, environment fiqh, eco-sufism

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Abd. Aziz. (2019). Konservasi Alam dalam Perspektif Etika Islam; Tantangan dan Tuntutan Globalisasi. Asy-Syari’ah : Jurnal Hukum Islam, 5(2), 101-119. https://doi.org/10.36835/assyariah.v5i2.116
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