Al-Kalalah (Dhanniy al-Dalalah dalam al-Faraidl)

  • Abu Yazid Adnan Quthny Institut Ilmu Keislaman Zainul Hasan Genggong Probolinggo
Keywords: al-kalalah, dhanniy al-dalalah


Paragraph verse especially in QS. al-Nisa ‘: 11,12 and 176 are understood by some as a verse of qath’iy al-dalalah which is closed with space and opportunities for ijtihad (ta’wil). Throughout the interpretation of turats and contemporary Muslim intellectual thought there is debate and difference in interpretation of verses and hadith al-kalalah as universal terms in the case of the roseits. Carefully and thoroughly, the researchers examined al-kalalah ontologies along with the hadith explanation and understanding of the commentators on al-kalalah cases by using qualitative-inductive methods through library research, namely the review of interpretive library documents and hadith in the al-kalalah domain. The contents of the analysis of the literature formulate that alkalalah is a universal term that contains multiple meanings and interpretation requirements. Rasulullah Saw himself gave an abstract explanation and general description (dhanniy al-dalalah) so that it led to a speculative-ijtihadiy understanding among friends which led to the emergence of khilafiyah al-kalalah meaning in the realm of fiqh mawaraits. Some interpret al-kalalah as the owner of the inheritance, the heirs are even interpreted as inheritance that will be inherited by the heirs.

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