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The progress of information, communication and transportation technology has had a wide influence on daily life, and even overhauled the social system. It is difficult to put the process of social, cultural and political change nowadays apart from the development of global dynamics. The process of globalization has a huge influence on the development of religious values. Religion as a view that consists of various doctrines and values has a great influence on society. They recognize the importance of the role of religion in social life - the politics of the world community. plays an important role in the process of globalization. Because of the importance of the role of religion in people's lives, it is necessary to understand the extent of religion in responding to various social problems. Religion is reduced to provide rules of life and as an instrument for understanding the world that will bring happiness to human life. In line with these changes, finally emerged three forms of fundamental paradigms that developed among Muslims in the face of globalization, namely: conservative, liberal and alternative paradigms.

Keywords: Paradigm, Islamic, Globalization.